رول مزيل التعرق
ابتكرت مختبراتنا مزيل التعرق الناعم والمنتقى من خلاصة مزيج النباتات ليؤمن لك الراحة والانتعاش طوال اليوم.
يحد من العرق المفرط دون إلحاق الضرر بطبيعة البشرة.
كيفية الاستخدام:
يطبق على البشرة بعمل تدليك خفيف حتى يتم امتصاصه.
خلاصة البرتقال المر، اكليل الجبل، خشب الصندل، نعناع، ميرمية.
للاستعمال الخارجي.
A liquid deodorant, delicately perfumed, based on Citrus Aurantium, Rosmari-nus Officinalis, Sandalwood, Pepper-mint and Salvia Officinalis. It helps to regulate perspiration while respecting the skin physiological balance.
It prevents and neutralizes unwanted odors ensuring an effective and long-lasting deodorising action and leaving the skin feeling dry and fresh. Deo roll-on can also be applied to recently shaved skin without causing irritation or a burning sensati
Citrus Aurantium extract and a bouquet of plants, provide fruity notes and natural freshness.
TREATMENT EFFECTIVENESS: It absorbs moisture without causing coa-lescence thanks to its mixture containing rice starch (Oryza Sativa Starch) derived from the peeled seeds of rice. Rosmari-nus officinalis extract for an effectiveanti-irritant action.
ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Citrus Aurantium, Rosmari-nus Officinali, Santalum Album, Peppermint and Salvia Officinalis
HOW TO USE: Apply daily to cleansed and dry skin. Suitable for all skin types. Not greasy and non-sticky formula.
PRESENTATION: 45ml roll-on bottle in box.

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