Cream BB

معزز للبشرة
يجمع كريم لوكربر بين العناية بالبشرة والماكياج الطبيعي والخفيف في خطوة بسيطة واحدة
تركيبته الخفيفة تحتوي على عناصر فعالة ضد التقدم في السن.
ممزوجة مع عوامل منشطة كماء زهر البرتقال وأزهار الكرز الياباني الغية بالفلافونيد الذي
يعزز نشاط مضادات الأكسدة.
كريم BB يرطب ويحمي البشرة ويمنحها مظهراً ناعماً ومتجانساً.
كيفية الاستخدام:
يطبق يومياً بعد تنظيف الوجه.
للاستعمال الخارجي.
Blemish Balm, one gesture, one product to treat, protect and give your complexion an even tone with immediate and long-lasting results. LOCHERBER BB CREAM is a perfect finishing cream that gives you a flawless skin. It visibly reduces the appearance of lines, wrinkles and blemishes thanks to an exclusive concealer complex. It protects your skin from the visible signs of age thanks to antioxidants and SPF 15 sun protection. Your skin appears smooth, soft, younger with a long-lasting natural look.
Its ingredients are obtained from plants, such as Citrus aurantium dulcis, which contains flavonoid compounds acting like Vitamin P – characterized by its protective action on small blood vessels – and many other vitamins, particularly C, A, and several of the B group (in particular thiamine, riboflavin and niacin).
Citrus aurantium dulcis is also rich in bioflavonoids which, together with vitamin C, play a key role in restoring collagen in the connective tissue.
Prunus serrulata (Japanese Cherry) is rich in antioxidants, vitamins A and C whose restoring and nourishing properties help to moisturize your skin and maintain a healthy and radiant look. Hyaluronic acid prevents dehydration, normalizes the physiological cell renovation process, prevents damages caused by external agents, improves skin elasticity and tone. Gold particles, in addition to being an extraordinary sensory treatment, accelerate and activate the organic processes acting as a catalyst to stimulate regeneration of new, young and healthy skin.
BB Cream is a new product category combining the cosmetic and sensory features of the Locherber skincare range with those of the make-up line.
Available in 2 shades to match every complexion.
SPF 15
Non comedogenic
Does not clog pores
Paraben free
Nickel tested
Gluten free
Perfume free (allergen free)
For all skin types

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