جل الاستحمام VIP
نضارة لطيفة
جل الاستحمام VIP هو لحظة حقيقية من المتعة بعطر ناعم وذكوري مناسب للرجال من مختلف الأعمار.
التوليفة المتوازنة من مكوناته تخلق تركيبة نفيسة توفر الانتعاش لبشرة الرجال.
كيفية الاستخدام:
توضع كمية من الجل على راحة اليدين أثناء الاستحمام لتكشيل رغوة لدى تطبيقها على البشرة.
قهوة أرابيكا، جينسنغ.
Formulated with gentle and neutral surface active agents of plant origin, it cleanses without altering the physiological hydro-lipid balance of the epider-mis.
Fine selected ingredients, such as Panax Gin-seng extract, called the root of life, used for thousands of years for its beneficial stimulating and invigorating properties and Coffea Arabica seeds appreciated for its effective toning, regenerating and strongly stimulating properties, in synergy with a decidedly masculine fragrance, give the product a pleas-ant softening action, a prolonged feeling of freshness and well-being, a deep and gentle cleansing, while ensuring a surplus of tone. It is ideal for people who take care of their own personal hygiene and, in the meantime, look for a manly fragrance open to the world and to the nature.
Its highly concentrated unique fragrance makes it a high class product.
ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Panax Ginseng root, Arabic Coffee seeds.
HOW TO USE: Apply directly to the body or add two tablespoons of product to your bath water
BENEFITS: It stimulates and revitalizes the body. Cleanses without drying
PRESENTATION: 200 ml bottle in box

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